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Colorado Archery Elk Hunting (OTC)

Colorado Muzzleloader Elk Hunting (draw preference points needed bull--0, cow--0)

 Archery Season !!


these hunt's take place in our wilderness high country camp

Welcome everyone to Arapaho Wilderness Outfitters.  So imagine yourself riding in on horses to a remote elk camp  to start your Colorado archery elk hunting adventure.  Of course that first night you cannot sleep but finally exhaustion over takes you and you drift off and start counting elk.  Then somewhere in the back of your mind you hear a bugle and you come back to the waking world and remember that you are in elk camp and it is early morning on your Colorado archery elk hunt.  Then you hear it again, that bugle and it is not too far from camp. Now the excitement takes over and you hop up and start getting dressed and ready to go on your first Colorado archery elk hunt, the whole time listening to that bull call your name as he bugles away!!  

               Time and time again, people cannot believe how true this really is in our camps.  Hunters that come with Arapaho Wilderness Outfitters experience a tempo that far exceeds their expectations.  We work hard to provide the very best Colorado archery elk hunt possible.  Over the years our hunters have taken some awesome bulls and we have been holding a steady 90% shot opportunity  this speaks for its self.  

                We have been in the outfitting business for 15 years and in the same location we hunt GMU 18,28 of the Arapaho National forest.  It is truly some of the best Colorado archery elk hunting that the state has to offer.

                All archery tags are over the counter and are either sex tags.  So the bull elk or cow elk stops with us.  Come and enjoy a trip of a lifetime with Arapaho Wilderness Outfitters.

Colorado Rifle Elk Hunting (draw & OTC preference points needed 1st Rifle  bull--0 cow--0)

Rifle Season


1st season is in our high country wilderness camp.


2nd,3rd,4th season the accomidations/lodging is at our lake house next to lake Granby. 

Colorado has the largest population of elk in the United States, so with a quality outfitter you will all ways be in the elk.  Here at Arapaho Wilderness Outfitters we are blessed to be located where we have a large local herd and our northern boundary to the permit is  Rocky Mountain National Park and that means big bulls to hunt.  We are also blessed to have a high shot opportunity for our clients.

                There are 4 rifle seasons enabling you to have a wide selection on when you can come and hunt.  Colorado is also one of the last states to still have over the counter license sales available.  So when you do not draw whatever tag you are trying for you can still go on a Colorado elk hunt. 

The 1st and 4th seasons are on a draw system and here at Arapaho Wilderness Outfitters we will help you fill out the draw application because it can be a little confusing and tricky and can be kicked out for the smallest of mistakes.  We encourage all of our rifle clients to put in for the 1st season you can draw the tag with 0 preference points and still catch the tail end of the rut, making this an awesome Colorado elk hunt.  The 2nd and 3rd seasons are the over the counter tags and we do very well in these seasons.  So if you want to hunt elk and have a good time doing it then the bull stops with us..


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  • IMPORTANT Parks & Wildlife application and payment changes.  See 2019 Big game Regulations.


  • new for COLORADO you can now use lighted nocs on your arrows for archery season. 


  •  Also black bear tags can now be purchased over the counter with caps, on all over the counter hunts

Arapaho Wilderness Outfitters



Shane Allen

(970) 355-9541


Email:  arapahowildernessoutfitters@gmail.com


2019 Season Dates

  • Archery  Aug 31st-Sept 29th


  • Muzzleloader Sept 14th-22nd


  • 1st rifle Oct 12th-16th
  • 2nd rifle Oct 19th-27th
  • 3rd rifle Nov 2nd-10th
  • 4th Rifle Nov 13th-17th


  • Archery-- Over The Counter either sex tag


  • Muzzleloader --Draw tag


  • 1st  Rifle (either sex tag)--Draw
  • 2nd & 3rd Rifle--Over The Counter (bull only)
  • 4th Rifle (either sex tag)--Draw


  • Trophy Mule Deer all Draw


  • Trophy Moose are on a weighted draw system

Number of minimum preference points needed to draw tag

  • Muzzleloader--Bull-0  Cow-0
  • 1st Rifle--Bull-0  Cow-0
  • 4th Rifle--Bull-0 Cow-0


         Trophy Moose

   Are on a weighted draw                  system

2019 License Fees

  • Elk bull or either sex $661.75
  • Elk Cow $481.00


  • Deer $396.75


  • Black Bear $101.75

Add $10.00 to any license if you do not have a Habitat Stamp.  Also included in all nonresident big game tags is a annual fishing license


  • Application Processing FEE Per draw 9.00


In order for Nonresidents to apply for a draw License you must first purchase either a Spring Turkey or Annual Small Game License


  • Spring Turkey 151.75
  • Annual Small Game 81.75


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